Celebrities are surprising us on a daily basis with their luxurious choices in terms of life and personal style. Actually, they never cease to amaze us with their preferences and body art is no exception. So, if you are searching for some of the most beautiful, original and sometimes even creepy design ideas, you should […]

  If you are looking forward to changing your dressing code with something a bit more audacious, the right thing for you is the biker look. As seen in movies and series, the biker is always a though character, ready to confront any problem that might appear into his path. Clothes do say a lot […]

  If you decide to move to India or if you just plan to stay there a longer period, you should know a few things about the Indian clothing. For example, those who have been there before say that wearing these tradional clothes helped them become part of the Indian world. Here is a list […]

  Hosting a luxury reception is the dream many couples have, but a large proportion of those couples think that it is not a viable financial effort. However, some investments will create the illusion of luxury, without putting you under a lot of financial pressure. For instance, if reside nearby the Sydney area and your […]

The true fashionista in you knows for sure the importance of having a little privacy on their shopping incursions. Nevertheless, you surely appreciate the company of your beloved shopping companions just as much as you dislike the curious eye. In this case, you might want to hire a party bus Surrey located and enjoy your […]

There is no such thing as having enough clothes. You can always make more room in your wardrobe to some new pieces of clothing. However, this “sport” can be rather costly and make you spend a great deal of money on a monthly basis, thus creating you some financial problems. This is the reason why […]

  Because usually the brides are the ones that handle every wedding planning detail, one of the few things grooms have to do is search for a suitable outfit. However, finding a suit is not exactly the easiest task, not to mention how expensive the majority are. If you think you will not wear the […]

  Nowadays, when it comes to Abayas or Hijab outfits, the variety of options found on the market is far more extensive than it used to be. If not so long ago, buying this type of attire was difficult, with ecommerce booming, now you can come across many affordable and qualitative options. However, if you […]

  A wedding is a complicated event to plan and it is often incredibly expensive. There are so many different things you have to consider when making the budget, so many aspects that end up costing a fortune. Take the wedding dress and the suit for example. These might end up costing you three times […]

One of this year’s major trends in terms of men’s fashion is a long masculine beard. If you go through fashion magazines, you will see that the majority of men pride themselves with their long and thick beards. If you have always desired to have one yourself, but due to genetics, you have never managed […]

The Golden Globes are like the Super Bowl of fashion and beauty, and it is not really surprising that every celebrity arriving on the red carpet looks fabulous. While young Hollywood actors dominated the scene in 2017, picking up prize after prize, those with more years of experience did not do so badly. Michelle Williams […]

Weddings are amazing events. They are special because of their story. They are special because they represent the love between two people. However, as idyllic as everything might sound, weddings are far from being simple to organise. If you take hold of the planning all by yourself, your stress levels might reach an impressively high […]

Being a male supermodel is not an easy thing to do, especially because there are many controversies about this subject. Even if this is the 21th century, there are still persons who think that this job or activity is rather suitable for women. But, for those who prefer to ignore all these bad thoughts, here […]

Every woman out there desires to have a flawless looking appearance, but after a certain age it is not that easy to maintain your skin radiant and glowing, expressing perfection. Although you can always undergo surgery to achieve that perfectly lifted figure, this is an invasive procedure, and the risks you will be taking are […]

Women love fashion, and for some that is even an underrated statement. Shoes, bags, jeans and jackets, everything that is trending needs to be in the hands of any true fashionista. If this is your case as well, then keeping yourself informed about the latest trends is a must. This season, one particular item that […]

When having children, you do not have the luxury to invest in clothes, because they need many other more important things. You have to offer them food rich in vitamins and minerals, toys, and see the doctor a couple of times a year, so you would spend a lot of money, on all these things. […]

Do you want to impress everyone with your look this fall? The key is to wear fashionable accessories, and if you have no idea what the trend for this fall/winter is, here is all you need to know. Fashion experts have analysed the trends promoted by the designers during the last Fashion week, and even […]

If you are a big fan of Sretsis, here are some of the collection pieces that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. Mix, match and create your very own unique outfit combinations with the Sretsis pieces today. Here’s what you can try: Pizzaz Confident, endearing and sassy, add a touch of pizzazz into your […]

If in the past in a man’s wardrobe you could find nothing else than shirts and suits, now it is essential for him to have some various items, because there are different events he would have to attend and he needs different outfits for every one of them. So, if you have no idea what […]

Women who are dealing with wrinkles, acnes or unwanted pigmentation often face the need of resorting to a professional facial. Although most skin treatments provided by clinics involve the usage of chemicals, now you can opt for a jet peel face treatment that uses only water and oxygen. If you find a reputable beauty clinic […]