If you are a big fan of Sretsis, here are some of the collection pieces that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. Mix, match and create your very own unique outfit combinations with the Sretsis pieces today. Here’s what you can try:


Confident, endearing and sassy, add a touch of pizzazz into your daily outfit by using this White Tiger style Pizzazz dress. With a A-Line flared skirt, the Pizazz dress accentuates the wearer’s waist and creates an exotic appearance for the wearer when teamed with platform shoes. Dress to impress with this lovely number and highlight your confidence. The Pizzaz dress is definitely a feel good staple to keep in your wardrobe for all occasions.  You can also pair the Pizzaz dress up with a pair of bold red heels to make a loud yet tasteful statement.

Runaway Band Jacket

Glamorous and yet edgy, the Runaway Band Jacket is blend of both style and comfort. Made with polyester blend, detailed lapel embellishments and a sturdy material, the Runaway Band Jacket allows for flexible movement and versatility since wearers can pair the jacket up with just about anything- from jeans, to skirts and shorts with heels. For an added punk appeal, you can throw this on with styled shirts, jeans and reliable black boots. If you are looking for a versatile jacket that can be worn for multiple occasions and still look fresh, you should consider using the Runaway Band Jacket.


Free flowing, feminine and soft, the Jay Dress in Feather white makes use of silk chiffon and a combination embroidery pattern of flowers and song birds, shaped with a V-shaped neckline and tassel sleeved cape for whimsical fancy.  The Jay Dress from Sretsis is effortlessly elegant and enhances the wearer’s grace. Perfect for day and night, the Jay dress works best with platform sandals. If you need dresses from the warmer seasons, the Jay dress is perfect for a long walk on the beach.

Stellar Skirt

Available in pink gold, this pleated skirt is all you need and more. With it’s simplistic design, the Stellar skirt can be paired with everything. Versatile and delightful, the Stellar skirt is given an extra shine with star jewels embedded against the material for an elegant touch. If you are looking for a staple and go to skirt to wear to any occasion and still look flawless, then the Stellar skirt is for you.

Jerry Jumpsuit

The Jerry jumpsuit by Sretsis is the perfect balance between formal professional wear and comfortability. Featuring faux leather jacket lapels with chiffon long sleeves and pencil trousers, the Jerry jumpsuit is the very image of modern formal wear with stylish new trends mingled into a unique jumpsuit piece. To finish the look, you can get pearl cufflinks and simple stilettos or powerful red heels. Perfectly sophisticated, powerful, sleek and chic, there is no better jumpsuit than the Jerry Jumpsuit.
To marvel at all that Sretsis sale has to offer, you can access the designer label’s creations through Lularock’s official website.


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