Tattoos are always a sexy accessory to any woman’s outfit. Particularly, ankle tattoos are very popular because they offer the benefit o hide them easily, if a certain social context requires this. In all the other cases you can proudly highlight the curve of your feet with eye-catching ankle tattoo designs.  The greatest thing is that you can choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors, shadows and designs something that represents you and makes you feel comfortable.

You can choose from small and delicate angel tattoos which are barely visible or if you want to stand out, you can select more elaborate angel tattoo designs. If you want a tattoo that is more cute than sexy, you could select ankle tattoos designs that depict flowers, dolphins, stars, musical notes or birds. On the other hand, butterflies, vines, bracelets, Chinese characters as well as Celtic and Tribal symbols make a great option for a very sexy ankle tattoo. There are endless possibilities for a stunning effect so you should let your imagination run wild and create an original design that you will love for the rest of your life. When you have made the decision of having a tattoo, you should visit a few tattoo parlors in order to find an artist that you feel comfortable with and is able to meet and even exceed your expectations. In addition, you should know that each tattoo artist has his own approach towards ankle tattoos, and tattoos in general, so you should make sure that there is a certain compatibility between you two.  After all, a tattoo is a permanent mark will remain stuck on your body for the rest of your life; its laser removal is not just extremely expensive but also very painful.

In spite of the fact that angel tattoos are not very noticeable, their designs are really exquisite and they easily grab the attention to the curves of your legs. Most of the time, women choose to wear ankle tattoo designs that depict abstract symbols and usually inked in black. Yet, it seems that colorful drawings make a more powerful statement; they project a different image of one’s personality giving a playful feel. Whether you get your tattoo inked on the extreme lower calf, all the way down to the ankle bone, or straight on the ankle, with an extension of the foot, it will still look very sexy. Yet, it is worth mentioning that ankle tattoos that are made higher on the leg are less painful and they can also be larger in size which gives you a wider range of options in terms of design. But, like any other tattoo in other area of your body, you should know when to show it off. Many times you must comply with certain social rules in order to avoid some unwanted attention. There are still numerous people that judge the other based on their physical appearance.  The fact that you can control the circumstances when you expose or hide your tattoo helps you in maintain the proper conduct and keep unchanged the what the others think about you. Howsoever, there are so many outstanding ankle tattoo designs, that you can find something chic that is both vibrant and meaningful. It is a great opportunity to embellish your legs, to look wonderful and feel even better. However,you should also try a sophisticated manicure. Let go of the plain simple nail designs and choose more sophisticated ones. We found some great choices on This website has numerous pedicure tips and tricks. You might even find a tutorial that will help you match your nails with your ankle tattoo.


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