Being a male supermodel is not an easy thing to do, especially because there are many controversies about this subject. Even if this is the 21th century, there are still persons who think that this job or activity is rather suitable for women. But, for those who prefer to ignore all these bad thoughts, here are some good tips for becoming a famous male model.

#1 Follow the Andre Birleanu’s example!


Who is Andre Birleanu, more precisely? Well, you probably know him from magazines. And if you do not, you should know that he is a male model who is becoming more and more popular thanks to his impressive work. Even if when he was a child he used to be interested in other activities such as chess, swimming or Aikido, he decided to give a chance to this domain which seemed somehow promising. During his studying period, Andre Birleanu was discovered by Boss Models and since then he ended up working with Dolce Gabbana, Hamilton Watches, MTV and more. And if you ask Andre, he will tell you that the main secret of his success is work. Even if it seemed like a dream first, he managed to transform it in reality, step by step.

#2 Take care of your aspect!


If you take a look at Andre Birleanu or other male supermodels, you will notice that they have something in common: they all look amazing. But in order to have a good looking body, they have to take care of it. They go to gym, they try to eat healthy and they also take care of which beauty products they use. Try to do the same and do not believe that this is going to cost you a fortune, because it won’t.

#3 Being a model – take it as the second job!


There is another popular belief about both male of female models: people think that supermodels are not only famous, but also rich. And this is true. But, before climbing the ladder of success, you have to come with a backup plan. Therefore, do not neglect your studies.

#4 Social Media – an important aspect from your new life!


When you intend to become famous, you have to take care how you handle your social media life. According to celebrities, keeping your life private will become both a struggle and challenge. Therefore, try to pay attention to everything you post on your pages.


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