According to the statistics made by specialist, every human being looses between 50 and 100 hairs every day. So if you are between these variables, you could consider yourself happy. However, it we take into account the fact that every human being has over 200,000 hairs on its hair, this loss is difficult to be noticed. The age plays a significant role when it comes to causes of hair loss and hormones are not to be neglected either.

We are going to discuss about every element that be seen as causes of hair loss and we will start with the hormonal factors. Baldness is a genetically and hereditary pattern for both women and men. In the case of men, it can start during the period of puberty and can take a certain period of time until it ends up. In the case of women, pregnancy or childbirth are two causes of hair loss, together with the interruption on taking pills against birth. Menopause is also a source for hair loss.

As far as the medical conditions are concerned, we are talking about thyroid problems and alopecia areata. The latter one happens when hair follicles are affected by the immune system of your body. Scalp infections and skin disorders can produce the scarring and ringworm, lupus and lichen planus can produce hair loss as well as you start scarring your scalp. Although the first thing you should do is visit a specialist, you might also want to start thinking of a trendy short haircut you could adopt; it is most likely that during a treatment, you will be recommended to cut your hair shorter, because it will be easier to wash and because it encourages hair follicle rejuvenation.

The medications could be seen as causes of hair loss too, because using them in order to treat a certain part of your body, you actually harm another one. And we refer here to your hair health. For example, cancer, depression and heart problems or even high blood pressure are treated with medicines that can seriously be causes of hair loss.

Apart from the causes of hair loss we have mentioned above, there are two other ones, that result from a physical shock or a disorder related to hair-pulling. When talking about the first one, we have to mention the fact that in the months that come after such an event, there is noticed how the hair gets thinner, as a result from loss of weight or negative event in your family.

As far as the other condition is concerned, when people start hair-pulling, the actually feel the need to pull out their highlights from every part of their body. In the end they remain with bald patches all around their body, mainly on their scalp. A temporary solution to your hair loss is to try some cute short haircuts, they are already very popular among women and can bring out a special, different kind of beauty in you. Moreover, by cutting the hair short you are allowing it to regenerate easier, and you’re also making it simpler to try various treatments that encourage hair rejuvenation. So look at the bright side of things as well, and see this as an opportunity to try some cute short haircuts.

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