There is no such thing as having enough clothes. You can always make more room in your wardrobe to some new pieces of clothing. However, this “sport” can be rather costly and make you spend a great deal of money on a monthly basis, thus creating you some financial problems. This is the reason why it is recommended to consider buying clothes from second hand stores. While some people find this option the best to fit within their budgets, there are other people who have certain misconceptions on this type of clothes and here are the most popular ones listed below in this article.

Second hand equals poor quality and torn clothes

One of the most common myths on stores selling haine second hand Italia is that they only provide clothes that other people do not wear anymore because they are not only out-dated but also torn. In reality though, the fact that these clothes are of the poorest quality is not true at all. You can find clothes that look worn out, but you can also find articles that still have the label on them. The secret to second hand shopping is to have patience and time to look through all those clothes, as they are not always too well organized.

Second hand equals dirty clothes

Another very common misconception related to this type of clothes actually goes hand in hand with the first one, in the sense that besides being of poor quality, most probably those clothes are dirty and stained too. Know that second hand does not equal dirtiness and there are very low chances you will find dirty clothes in such a store. Nevertheless, you still have to wash the clothes before wearing them, but this counts for all types of clothes, whether they are brand new or second hand. It is a matter of hygiene, health and safety.

There are no spectacular clothes in second hand stores, only basic articles

The idea that fashion lovers will only find basic, plain and boring articles in a second hand store has also gained ground in the past couple of years, but it actually is extremely far from the truth. Second hand stores sell clothes that are no longer available in regular clothing shops, which is definitely a great thing if you were looking for a specific item and couldn’t find it in local stores anymore. Also, you can find vintage clothes that can create stunning outfits. There are chances that you find various costumes for Halloween parties for example and they are at a significantly lower price compared to the items you can find in regular stores.

As it can be seen, these are some of the most popular misconceptions people have when it comes to second hand clothing stores. It is essential to do your research well and to find a reliable and professional store. If it is an online shop, things are even better because you can save a great deal of time. Make sure you know your clothes sizes.

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