Take a close look at your wardrobe and answer the following questions. How many colors do you see? What clothing articles do you prefer? What colors do you prefer? What colors do you think that flatter you the most? Do you have a fashion style? What is it? You see, each person is unique, from DNA and fingerprints, backgrounds and preferences to natural talents and physical appearance. This also applies to fashion sense. While some people dress simply because they cannot walk naked on the streets, others dress to impress. This means that they pay full attention to their wardrobe choices, from materials and textures to colors and patterns. They want to make sure that every clothing piece in their closet has a match and the final combination truly brings out their best features. Dressing up is an art; even the best stylist can confirm you this statement. If you like to put at least the minimum effort in your outfits, but you do not master color combinations, then keep reading.

Check your veins to determine your skin’s undertone

Knowing how to choose the colors that really flatter you is not very difficult. You just need to master a few rules that all professional use when dealing with unique complexions and physical features. You probably already heard people, even your friends constantly repeating that blue or purple is “their color” so if you look at their wardrobe, most of the clothing articles include that specific color. Determining your color profile is very important and you can do it by following some simple steps. First, you need to analyze your skin undertone and there are three possibilities, namely cool, warm and neutral. By looking at your veins, you can easily determine the skin tone because if you notice more green then you are on the warm side, but if you notice more blue or purple, then you are on the cold side. You can also do this by using two pieces of jewelry, a silver one and a gold one.  If gold makes your complexion appear more beautiful then you are warm, but if silver is your color, then you are cold. For a warm skin undertone, yellows, oranges and reds are more suitable. For a cool skin undertone, you should go with blues, purples and greens.

How to make your eyes pop using clothing articles

You just completed the most difficult step of the process, which is finding what colors look better on you, according to your skin tone. However, you also have other distinct features that you should consider, such as the color of your eyes or the color of your hair. Some people use their beautiful eyes as a confidence booster so if you want to do the same thing you should place an eye-catching clothing article near them. You have two options, you can go with a similar color that matches your eyes or hair or you can opt for contrast. When it comes to neutrals, black, navy, brown and grey are your colors of choice.

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