When it comes to talking about fall fashion 2017 trends, the possibilities are endless. This year, the designers have outdone themselves by reinventing some of the most popular trends of all times. If you are a little smart and you dig deep into your wardrobe, you might find that you already own some trendy pieces. You just have to follow the advice of the hottest designers and bring those all pieces back in style.

The reinvented Grudge style

The first fashion style that many designers recommend is called Grunge and is inspired from the 90s. It is a combination of boots, jackets and jeans and has already been adopted by the designer of Chris Leba for his third show on the Fashion Week . However, this year’s grudge girl is a little less punk and more buttoned up. This style also includes mohair sweaters and cardigans, so that someone wearing this type of clothes has an Irish air. Feel free to use 90’s inspired floral-print skirts and dresses too and you can consider yourself pretty fashionable for this fall fashion 2017 season.

French minimalism

The second fashion style recommended by designers is the French minimalism. What is interesting about this is the fact that even though it does not involve numerous cloth items, they must look perfectly. Minimalism focuses on details and perfection and if you happen to combine the wrong shoes with the wrong skirt your look can be totally ruined. If you past your first youth, try wearing colored clothes, because they help you look younger and they give you a fresher vibe. Black and white combinations are not recommended for middle aged women, because these only make them look older than they actually are.

Eccentric coats

What about big coats? Russians are famous for their coats and their appeal for this fashion item has been undertaken by Western designers as well. Ask for Michael Kors and Burberry Prorsum, Max Mara or Vuitton. However, you will see that the classic Russian coats have also been reinvented. Instead of natural fur coats, go for faux fur and crazy colors like purple, blue, or fuchsia.

It seems that coats look great on tall women, as they bring into light their length and seriousness. They look more dramatic thus, but fortunately Derek Lam found a solution for shorter women. Chanel and Michael Kors also worked something for women related to coats, so take a look and see if you like their creations.

Floral prints

Although summer is long gone, there is no reason to give up on floral prints yet. Veronica M offers us a lot of suggestions on how to wear floral in fall. It’s all about layers and proper shoes. For example, you can wear a long sleeve floral jumper with a pair of over the knee boots, and you’ve got yourself the perfect bohemian fall outfit. Veronica M is the perfect choice if you want to build a feminine fall wardrobe, as her dresses and jumpers are tailored to hug your body in just the right way. If it gets chilly. you can throw on a faux fur vest and a floppy felt hat and you will look perfect.

In the end, keep in mind that the Fall Fashion 2017 collections are also recommending jackets, pants and skirts and the more you have the better. Choose exactly what you like, because the options are varied and inspired from different cultures and fashion trends. If your budget allows it, don’t hesitate to choose the brand that best represents your attitude and helps you highlight your personality! It is about how you feel when you are fashionable, not how much money you invested in an outfit as that has nothing to do with your inner self!

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