Do you want to impress everyone with your look this fall? The key is to wear fashionable accessories, and if you have no idea what the trend for this fall/winter is, here is all you need to know. Fashion experts have analysed the trends promoted by the designers during the last Fashion week, and even if they constantly fluctuates, there are some trends, which are here to stay for at least a season. Therefore, if you are on the pulse of fashion, you already know that the Eighties and Nineties are back, and they influence every section, so the accessories would definitely feature their influences. In case you have forgotten, you should travel back in time and you would discover leather moto jackets, high waist denim pants, and the key of every outfit, ultra feminine chokers. So, if you do not know what items you should invest in when accessing the discount jewellery UK section of an online store, you should take a look at the accessories trends for this fall/winter season.

Welcome back choker mania

You might know that the trend of wearing chokers has started in the spring of 2014, but you had no idea if they were here to stay or not, so you might have not invested in some models. Well, is the time to do it, because designers have chosen to accessorise their outfits with them, and they seem to come in a great variety of models. Therefore, an option promoted by Balmain is the metallic glassy choker, which can be the perfect accessory for an elegant outfit. However, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you can opt for a furry one, or rigid golden choker.

Complement your look with a statement pedant

Just because chokers are back in trend it does not mean that the statement pedants are forgotten, they are still a must of every fashionable outfit, but you have to pay attention to this season’s trends. The designers promoted this time religious pedants with a touch of fashion, and even ancient amulets, so now you can wear the same pedant as your favourite Game of Thrones character does. You would find in stores pedants that feature human faces, or different animals.

Punk solutions for the years

If you do not already know, the nineties have promoted a new trend when it comes to ear accessories, cuffs and piercings. The jewellery trends of the fall/winter would promote pop-punk ear cuffs, and no matter if, you prefer an elegant look, or a casual one, these accessories would definitely suit your style. Designers have promoted this season cuffs that can be combined with coloured Mohawk hairstyles. There are so many models promoted by the designers that you would have no difficulties in finding one that you would like. If you are in a romantic mood this fall, then you can opt for ones that feature stars, trickling down butterflies or other pretty items. Moreover, if you are looking for something sober, then you can opt for the gothic models promoted by Dior.

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