Prepare for the next season and find out the best fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012. You will definitely fall in love with most of them, so be creative and wear the best combinations.

  • Cropped tops

Cropped tops will be a big Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion trend, so you should make sure your tummy looks perfect.

  • Bra Tops

A bold alternative to cropped tops, bra tops will be also extremely popular. Regardless if they are simple, bright, printed or featuring unusual stitching or strange cuts, bra tops will surely be hotter than ever.

  • Hotpants

No matter if they come in denim, leather, perforated, wide or tight-fitting, and high or low-waisted, hotpants are also a big Spring/Summer 2012 fashion trend, as seen in many collections.

  • Asymmetrical Hemlines

Anything but dull, asymmetrical hemline is an interesting Spring/Summer 2012 fashion trend. Collections include not only dresses with asymmetrical hemline, but also skirts and jackets in this style.

  • Black and White

Even if black and white combinations are generally formal and traditions, this season things are about to change, as collections are full of playful and stylish black-and-white pieces.

  • Prints

Feminine and attractive, floral prints remain in trends for the upcoming season, while animal prints such as snakeskin, crocodile skin, lizards, cats and birds are also trendy.

  • Boat Neck

Boat neck is another Spring/Summer 2012 fashion trend, making you show the beauty of your shoulders.

  • Chic Gloss

If you want to catch everybody`s attention, go glossy colors such as silver, gold, electric blue, emerald or other bold choices.

  • Boudoir fashion

Boudoir fashion makes a sexy comeback, even if it is not as daring as it was before. Designers show sheer slinky fabrics, ruffle, lace trimming, revealing necklines and splits.

  • Fringe

Complete your wardrobe for the Spring/Summer 2012 with fringe, as it is a great trend.

  • Lace Dresses

If lace was used in a lot of items the previous seasons, now it can be spotted mostly in dresses.

  • One Shoulder

The sexy one shoulder trend is a winner for the warm seasons. In addition, designers beautifully compliment this style with pleats, crystals and embroidery.

  • Peplum

Another Spring/Summer 2012 fashion trend, peplum adds volume to your hips, so if it disadvantages you, try to avoid it

  • Pleats

Pleats remain popular for the next season, but they don`t look so girly any more. They generally come on dresses and give them a womanly look.

  • Sheer Clothing

Designers propose wearing sheer skirts both floor and knee-length, but also transparent toppers.

  • Summer Suits

Smart and stylish, summer suits come in a wide variety of colors and prints for the upcoming season.

  • Wide Shorts

For the Spring/Summer 2012, shorts will be wider than last summer.

  • All-White

If designers showed us all-black look for the winter season, they now give us all-white for the summer.

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