Every woman wants to have a shiny hair and a thick one as well. Fortunately, everyone can get this, if uses the appropriate products. Among all the shampoos that exist on the market, only a few of them contain that special ingredient that helps your hair grow faster. It is called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is an efficient cleanser.

We are going to suggest you a list of hair loss shampoos that is going to help you solve this type of problem. You can be impressed by the great results you will obtain. The first one is called “RegenePure DR” and is exceptional for thickening your hair and conditioning it. The effect is fast and as long as you use this hair loss shampoo, you will have no problems with your hair. After using it, my hair is easier to be arranged and I feel a lot more satisfied when I am in a rush and my hair has no problem at all. It contains Ketoconazole and helps your hair grow faster. Actually the substance I mentioned above is said to be responsible with hair growth.

The disadvantage of this hair loss shampoo, however, is its high cost. No doubt it is worth the value, but the fact that it has no sulfates that prevent hair growth is its biggest secret.

My second recommendation is called “Nioxin Shampoo”, which as “RegenePure DR” is a little bit pricey, but it has the benefit that it leaves your hair smooth and great to touch it. Both of them increase blood circulation and give you a fresh feeling after using them on your scalp. They also help your scalp absorb Minoxidil better.

“Bionutrient Treatment (Conditionner)” is my third suggestion for you as a hair loss shampoo. It contains Aloe Vera Gel and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, among many acids and extracts, like Gin
Ginkgo, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto and Milk Thistle and is a great source of  Peppermint Oil and Methylparaben.

My last recommendation for you is “Scalp Therapy”, a special hair loss shampoo that contains extracts of Quassia, Buckthorn and Horsetail and a great amount of Aloe Vera as well. It is also appreciated for its high amount of Jojoba, Cetyl Alcohol and Propylparaben and is part of the “Solutions” store.

After having read this article I am sure you have already chosen your favourite hair loss shampoo. Even though the prices can be a little bit higher than we have expected, they deserve our efforts, because after all, nothing is more important than our own health.

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