When talking about hair loss treatment for men, there are four factors one must take into account. According to the mentality that sustains the fact that are able to solve everything with a minimum effort, whereas women complicate their lives the worst way they can, here come the four instructions we offer to you.

Basically, everything is related to scientific research and the opinions of the people who already took this piece of advice into account. Unlike women who are suffering of hair loss because of the stress they have to bear, men do not seem to be affected of the same pattern. It is not a consequences of wearing the baseball cap either, let alone catching their long hair into ponytails. Contrary to the myths, short haircuts for men will not prevent hair loss. Furthermore, nutrition has nothing to do with hair loss and the excess of sweat or sebum should not be taken into discussion either.

The physicians have reached the conclusion that this affection is called Androgen Alopecia and is caused by genetically reasons. As a result, while your body suffers several changes due to its hormonal activity, the follicles become somehow sensitive to them. In the end, hair loss is a response to this phenomenon and the inability of follicles to fight against hormones.

After having said these, we have two options that can be seen as a sort of hair loss treatment for men: medicines that decrease hormonal sensitivity or the ones that encourage hair growth. While under the treatment, short haircuts for men are recommended so the new follicles can grow evenly. This is why every time you hear of a new hair treatment, you have to think of the fact that it aims one of the solutions given above, because there is no other way to create hair loss treatment for men.

As a result, we are talking about different ingredients and quantities, combined into a different recipe. They either influence the hormonal sensitivity or encourage hair growth. We suggest you to look for the ingredients you notice on a drug and check on the internet the studies made on them. You are not a chemist, nor a doctor and you can only research over and over again in order to clear your mind.

This is what doctors suggest you and we, as representatives of them, only give that advice further. We want you to know that everyone is interested on newer and newer hair loss treatment for men, but nobody could find the most efficient one without taking the advice we have offered to you. After all, it’s a matter of information and personal interest in this important health issue.

The hair loss issues discussed above refer to sever hair loss. This doesn’t mean that hair products can’t damage your hair or scalp to the point that you start loosing hair more normally than possible. These minor, everyday causes can indeed be corrected with proper implementation and natural hair loss remedies. However, if suffer from severe hair loss, you will need proper medication if you ever want to consider trendy haircuts for men again.

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