As we all know, hair loss became a daily issue for more and more days, mainly due to the 21st century’s challenges, but the list spreads over health problems as well. This is the point from which we are going to start our discussion about hair loss treatment for women. Dietary supplements and proper exercise is an important piece of the puzzle, if you want to lose weight and do not want to have problems with hair loss.

The difficult part comes when a woman notices the quantity of hair she loses every day goes over 100 hairs and she cannot do anything in order to stop this phenomenon. Many believe that getting super short haircuts will solve the problem when in reality it only hides it. In general people are rather reluctant when it comes to visiting the doctors and starting to take treatments and become drug addicted somehow. Apart from the huge amount of money it involves, the fear of putting their own health into danger and the dismissive attitude against drugs and medicines, people and women in particular are about to face a wide range of challenges.

Nevertheless, hair loss treatment for women is supposed to be an escape measure and should be seen as a method for improving everyone’s health. Female boldness is a serious issue and many doctors become reluctant when it comes to prescribing medicines for them, mainly because there are only few drugs that proved to be efficient for women and unfortunately, there are no treatments against the negative effects of the “allegedly-called” efficient treatments.

For example, the reluctance to prescribe pills and medicines that affect your whole body is justified by the androgen levels that can suffer serious changes. One of the most important task for the doctor will be to check whether hair loss is caused by the overdose of androgen in the body or an “inappropriate” response to the normal dose of androgen. After having confirmed one of these hypothesis, the physician will prescribe a treatment specially made for the scalp. A lot of hair problems come from a poor scalp health. Consider the fact that the scalp is part of your skin and while you maintain the rest of your skin with your daily skin care routine, you often neglect the health of the scalp which results in many hair loss problems.

We recommend you to start a treatment as soon as you notice your hair falls more and more, because waiting too much can destroy your hair even worse. For example, anti-androgens are recommended in order to prevent hair damage in the future and to encourage hair-growth. On the other hand, you should not consider stopping the treatment and regenerating the hair by choosing a more natural approach, such as super short haircuts or home-made conditioners, because it will cause even more hair loss. We also want you to know that the constant level of vitamins and minerals are a must-have while following anti-androgen treatments.

There is no 100% recommended hair loss treatment for women, as the effectiveness of such medicines depends from case to case. If you are dealing with hair loss problems or you want to prevent them we advise you to integrate some hair masks, massages or other treatments in your daily skin care routine. Furthermore, you should try to include some skin friendly food in your diet. For example, nuts and seeds are great for the skin as well as the hair and nail.  Having a healthy hair not only improves your general condition as a human being, but also encourages you to be more self-confident and less stressed.

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