A wedding is a complicated event to plan and it is often incredibly expensive. There are so many different things you have to consider when making the budget, so many aspects that end up costing a fortune. Take the wedding dress and the suit for example. These might end up costing you three times than what you might have expected. However, there are certain fireworks you can make to lower the costs a bit. This way, your wedding won’t seem like a hole in the family budget and you will still be able to have the event of your dreams. Here are a few ideas you could put to the test.

Rent the suit instead of buying it

When thinking about what to do in terms of shopping for wedding outfits, you should consider the Leicester wedding suit hire service. Contrary to what some people might think, this service is very advantageous. For one thing you have a lot of options in terms of suits coming at excellent prices. Instead of buying a suit just for the sake of it, one you don’t exactly fancy and which isn’t of the highest quality, you could instead decide to hire one that is exactly how you have imagined it.  It might even be a designer suit.

Rent the dress

Brides might have a nervous breakdown when reading this tip, but the truth is that it is not that much different from the previous tip. If the groom can rent his suit, why shouldn’t the bride do the same thing? In fact, if you think about, the groom might have chances to wear the suit after the wedding, especially if the design is classic. It is safe to say that the bride cannot show up at work wearing her wedding dress. So, it does make sense for the bride to hire her dress. The reasons are the same, low price, high quality.

Go for handmade simple wedding favours

Unfortunately, when it comes to the restaurant or the flowers the only available tip is to go cheaper, but both these aspects might end up affecting your wedding. It is not worth the sacrifice. Wedding favours on the other hand are a completely different matter. Instead of going for the traditional crystal swan, you could do something different. You could be creative and offer your guests flower seeds, beautifully placed in small bags or messages in bottles. The point is to be creative and prepared for a bit of manual work. Not only is this idea worth the effort, financially speaking, but it is also meaningful.


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