Hymenoplasty, which involves the reconstruction of the hymen broken during the first sexual experience, is the most popular plastic surgery in London. It’ safe to say that it’s the new plastic surgery trend. While you aren’t likely to see bloggers or celebrities bragging about the cosmetic procedure on Instagram, yet you can be sure that a great number of them have gone under the knife. Surgery is the only option for women who aren’t willing to try alternative solutions, like an artificial hymen. The choice to recreate the hymen is far from being drastic. As a matter of fact, it’s completely normal.

The need for hymenoplasty

The reason why hymen repair London is so popular is that there is a great need for it. To be more precise, women need to change their genitalia, mainly for cosmetic reasons. What ladies want is to be able to get married. In some cultures and religions, having an intact hymen is paramount. They don’t want their significant other or, worse, their family to discover that they have lost their innocence a long time ago. More and more women resort to hymenoplasty so as to avoid disgrace. While they can’t replace their virginity, they can feign innocence.

Other women are more pragmatic, although it cannot be asserted that the first category isn’t. Hymen repair helps women not only become more desirable but also correct the damage caused by sporting activities like horse riding and gymnastics. As surprising as it may seem, a hymen can rupture for other reasons as sexual ones. They simply want to undo the damage resulted from such undertakings. Newspapers as well as websites are full of advertisements offering them an opportunity to become normal again, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they accept. 

The hymen repair procedure

Most commonly referred to as hymenorrhaphy, hymen repair surgery is a procedure that involves the surgical restoration of the broken hymen in the woman’s body. A plastic surgeon is able to perform the repair procedure with safe and visible results. It all starts with the initial consultation. Centre For Surgery, for instance, is a good option. During the first encounter with the plastic surgeon, the patient is informed about their options. The medical professional, together with the patient, selects the ideal strategy for the situation. Afterwards, the patient undergoes a physical examination. Hymenoplasty consists in closing the tear, procedure that is well-tolerated under local anaesthesia. Following the surgical procedure, it’s important to avoid excessive physical activity like walking or running.

The benefits of hymenoplasty

Having an intact hymen in beneficial from a medical standpoint. The hymen’s main job is to protect the entrance to the vagina from microorganisms like bacteria, so if the hymen is intact the person is in better health. Another thing worth talking about is intercourse. Once the hymen is restored, it is possible to feel better during sexual intercourse. The bottom line is that there are health advantages to hymenoplasty and that one shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to the restoration of the hymen.   


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