While getting a mani-pedi at the salon can be extremely relaxing, it can also be risky at times. To perform these procedures salons should follow some strict sanitation standards, but this is not always the case. As a customer, you can never be 100% sure that the salon that you choose follows all the required sanitation procedures. Here are some of the most dangerous scenarios, and what you can do to avoid them:

1. Fish pedicures are always dangerous

While we understand the exotic allure of such a procedure, we would never advise anyone to do it as it can be extremely dangerous. Even if the salon staff were to change the tank water after each customer (which is never the case), you would still be exposed to infections because you would be in contact with the same fish that were used on numerous other people. Obviously, salon staff would never allow a person with a visible skin infection to get a fish pedicure, but not all infections and diseases come with skin outbreaks.

2. All tools should be sanitized before use

If you ever notice that a nail technician is about to use on you the same tools that they used on a previous customer, it is time to get up, leave and never return to that salon again. All metal tools need to be sterilized in a special sterilizer. Rubbing the tools with alcohol is not enough. Moreover, when it comes to the tools that are not made from metal, salons should use disposable tools. Such is the case of the cuticle sticks or the nail files. Not only can you catch skin diseases from unsanitized tools, but you can even catch more serious diseases like Hepatitis or HIV.

3. Avoid whirlpool pedicure chairs

While a whirlpool basin can make the pedicure experience a lot more enjoyable, it can also expose you to numerous diseases and bacteria. Whirlpool pedicure thrones feature pipe systems in the base of the chairs. Water is circulated through these pipes to create the whirlpool effect. However, those pipes are impossible to sterilize and they can be a great breeding ground for bacteria. If you take a look on the https://www.jausainc.com/ website, you will see that quality pedicure thrones feature pipe-less systems. Instead of being circulated through pipes, the water comes from a jet system, and there are even some chairs that feature a air-based whirlpool system. This way, there are no hidden pipes where bacteria can lurk.


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