For ages, people from all around the world have strived to get rid of unwanted hairs on their bodies. While there are indeed various solutions for that, such as waxing or shaving, these are often extremely painful, messy and not very efficient. Fortunately, the evolution of technology has led to the emergence of a modern method, less painful and more efficient, as its results are sometimes likely to be definitive: laser hair removal. The procedure has been around for some time now, but is did not become popular until recently. The first laser lamp dedicated to this purpose was officially recognised in the mid 1990s, but things have changed a lot since that moment. Nowadays, the method involves the use of dedicated tools and pieces of equipment and must be performed by a highly trained technician, as it represents more than just a mere cosmetic operation.  There are many varieties of laser hair removal procedures, and the choice belongs to the patient and their therapist, based on a series of criteria: skin tone, hair thickness etc.

Are the effects granted?

Due to the performing technology it uses and the multitude of alternatives available in terms of types, laser hair removal will deliver results. Your hair will disappear and will grow again much thinner and paler, but those outcomes are exclusively related to each patient’s particularities. If you choose a reliable laser hair removal Brisbane clinic, you are going to be consulted by a specialist who can establish how performing the procedure will be in your situation.

Is anyone eligible for the treatment?

Anyone is eligible for the treatment, but it is important to know that results are not the same. It seems that skin colour is the most relevant element you should take into consideration: on the one hand, it seems that people who light skin and dark hair are the most suitable candidates for the procedure. On the other hand, those with olive complexion (such as dark skinned Latino individuals) may be a bit disappointed. Of course, this should not be considered a general rule, because certain olive tones can also be successful in certain conditions. In addition to this, white and grey hair do not respond to the treatment, while red

How does the laser lamp work?

The laser lamp comes with a number of rays integrated, whose purpose is to identify the hairs and them remove them, gradually. The main reason why there should be a considerable difference between the tone of the skin and that of the hairs is because the rays need to identify the follicle and then destroy it. Experts recommend you not to get a tan before the procedure, as this reduces the contrast and it may also make the skin redder, more sensitive and thus prone to irritations and side effects. In order to obtain proficient results, you will have to visit the clinic several times and share before each session. This will thicken the root and will make it easier for the lamp to eliminate it completely.


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