Hot fusion hair extensions are those that are stuck to your hair with melted keratin tips. The keratin sticks to the root of your real hair, but it doesn’t damage it in any way, at least not if it’s done right. This type of extensions can last up to 6 months, if the quality of the hair is good, and they can provide you with a very impressive look. Below, you will be able to read about the steps you need to follow in order to apply fusion extensions to your hair in a professionally manner and enjoy the long, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. First of all, you should know that you can’t apply this type of extensions if your hair is not at least 5 inches long, because the extensions have to be attached at 5mm from the scalp and you also need a little of your hair to roll the tip of the extensions on.

Provided that your own hair meets the criteria for hot fusion hair extensions, the first thing you need to do is prepare the rows. You have to use the tail of a comb to select a thin strand of hair and then use a special iron to heat the keratin tip. As the keratin melts, the extension locks to your hair. If the keratin is not completely transparent, you need to roll the tip between your fingers, as to make it look uniform. Once you’ve applied the first lock, you need to repeat the same action for all the other and apply them one by one. It is quite a time consuming task, as you generally need between 50 and 150 locks to complete your look. You also have to be very careful when using the heat iron, as it can melt more than keratin if kept too long on the hair. Professional stylists use a template circle to protect the scalp, but also fingers protection, as the tips are still pretty hot when they need to be rolled. After the extensions are applied, you need to gently brush your hair, or better yet use a comb with very rare teeth.


The bottom line is that applying hot fusion hair extensions is not rocket science, but it does require a little dexterity and a lot of patience. In addition, caring for this type of extensions is also quite a challenge, although most of the women who have them applied choose to go to the hair salon for washing, drying and arranging their hair. The upside of using these extensions is that they are quite durable, you don’t have to take them off every night and put them on every morning and they look very natural, blending in perfectly with your hair. Without a doubt, hot fusion extensions are worth considering when you are thinking about getting hair extensions.

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