Hosting a luxury reception is the dream many couples have, but a large proportion of those couples think that it is not a viable financial effort. However, some investments will create the illusion of luxury, without putting you under a lot of financial pressure. For instance, if reside nearby the Sydney area and your dream is to show up at your wedding reception is a luxurious limousine you can easily hire a limo in Sydney and make your dream come true.  Also, these services are not even so expensive as you might guess if you collaborate with the right agency. But let’s see how could you keep it classy without overspending.

1. Affordable, yet luxurious limo hire services

Having a limo at their wedding is a dream many couples have, but just as many think that they are expensive to hire. However, if you collaborate with the right company you will have a luxurious vehicle, drove by a classy chauffeur, with extraordinary interiors. And regardless of what your go-to style of the limo is, these companies are able to offer you the best vehicles from each range. All clients these companies have will benefit from a star-like treatment, in a prestigious vehicle, just what each and every couple deserves on the most important day of their lives. Also, you won’t have to worry about traffic and a potentially delayed arrival at your own reception, because the chauffeurs are not only classy and polite, but also have a great knowledge in terms of traffic conditions, routes and shortcuts. All couples should enjoy this worthy investment.

2. Invest in a double purpose venue

If you fear that you might be spending too much on luxurious venues for your ceremony and wedding, you should rent the same one for both events. Many locations practice this approach and it is a highly efficient one from a financial point of view. Also, this will be a more convenient option for both the couple and guests. The costs will, in fact, be reduced by opting for this alternative, because the décor investments will be fewer. Consider this idea if you want a luxury venue that is slightly over your budget.

3. Less is more, sometimes

The best advice we could give to a soon to be married couple would be to limit the number of guests they have if they want a luxurious wedding night. If you assume you cannot afford to provide for all the initial guests on your list, cut it. In your case, it’s quality over quantity. Every attendee is more money you need to invest in your reception. Limit your list to close relatives and friends and you will afford all the luxuries you desire.

4. Minimal appetizers are a lifesaver

The perfect way of limiting your food and beverage expenses when you opt for expensive courses is to go for minimal appetizers. They will provide the necessary food for all your guests, just enough to make them feel happy and nourished.

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