If you dye your hair often you may have thought about making your own burgundy hair dye numerous times. Those who have gray hair are always looking for alternative ways to color their hair because they have to do it often and they do not want to damage their hair. Whether you prefer long hair or you are a fan of short hairstyles, you should avoid putting your hair through chemical treatments. While it may be easier to choose a professional hair dye, you hair will be a lot healthier if you choose homemade natural solutions. The hair colors we buy from the supermarket are great but they are full of chemicals that damage our hair. One way you can get a burgundy hair color dye that has no chemicals is by using the root alkanet.  You can buy it by going to stores which are specialized in hair color. This home made hair dye is recommended by more than one fashion blog.

Here are the instructions on how to make your own burgundy hair color dye:

  • Buy the root from a specialized store and chop it into pieces. Place the pieces into a jar and leave them there to dry. Cover the roots with rubbing alcohol. The role of the alcohol is to extract the color from the roots. Leave it there until the liquid from the jar becomes dark blue. Remove the pieces from the jar and place them in a plastic bag.
  • Leave the jar open overnight. The alcohol will evaporate and the liquid will turn into a more solid substance. Mix the substance with a plastic spoon and label it. The hair dye will be available only a year.
  • Once you have done this it is time to add some oil into the mixture. Leave the jar for about 24 hours and steer the substance from time to time. Whatever you do don’t add water into the mixture because the root does not diluate in water. Add the roots which you have placed in the plastic bag and leave them in the jar until you have achieved the color that you want.
  • Keep in mind that you may need more than one application in order to achieve the color that you want. This thing depends on the color of your hair and how long it is.
  • Avoid adding anything acid into the mixture because you will damage it.

We hope that our tips on making your own burgundy hair color dye have helped you and that you will try it at home. This method is excellent for those who have to color their hair often. Most people who constantly dye their hair eventually have to choose short hairstyles in order to get rid of damaged hair tips. This makes it a great solution for older women who are constantly battling grey hairs, but also want to avoid damaging it too much. By combining a home-made dye with short hairstyles for older women, you will look refreshing and vibrant all the time. If you choose this dyeing method, your hair will be healthier and you won’t have to constantly cut it. Try this chemical free hair color and see if you like it. Try other tones if you like the way it looks on your hair. If you are satisfied with this natural hair dye, you should subscribe to a fashion blog which features homemade hair remedies. In time, you will see that natural remedies are a lot more effective than supermarket products, not to mention a lot cheaper.


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