If you still don’t know in which accessories to put your money this year, then it might be the perfect time to get familiar with the biggest trends in terms of accessories for the year of 2018. From earrings to bracelets, we have you covered.

Statement earrings

Statement earrings are perfect the perfect gift if you’re thinking of the next Christmas, as they resemble some Christmas hanging decorations. However, since the wait until the Christmas is long, it would be ideal to invest in those from now. Coming in various shapes and sizes, these earrings suit every personality and every style in which they are integrated. These accessories will spice up your daily outfits, and if chosen properly, they can be integrated even in office outfits. No matter how conservatory your workplace might be, there is always place for a pair of statement earrings.

The beret

Buy yourself a beret while it’s still chilly outside, since this year surely is the year of this accessory. A statement item by itself with a touch of Parisian air, this accessory will leave a strong impression regardless of the environment or your personal style. The Parisian chic is easy and affordable to replicate, and you can always start from this piece right here. Being trendy is not expensive anymore with a beret!

A simple yet stylish bag

If you are a bag fan, then you certainly are up to date with some of the latest trends in terms of these useful accessories. Try a nude one for the spring and summer and add a little bit of drama and style with a burgundy one during the cold seasons. While you don’t have to spend like crazy on these accessories, make sure that you at least invest in real leather ones. They’re sturdy, stylish and will last you a couple of years.

Embellished shoes

From boots, to sandals, your footwear has to be embellished this year. Pearls, studs, diamonds, these all will leave a strong impression and they will certainly offer you some individuality. While standing out of the crowd is not always a positive thing, in this case, expect to be a trendsetter in your group of female friends.

These are some of the most popular accessory trends that you want to follow this year. Make sure to choose high quality products, but keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality.

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