There comes a moment in your life when you decide that you cannot live without her, and you have to pop-up the big question. But for doing so, you need an essential item, the engagement ring, because what type of engagement would be without the key accessory. You might think that it is hard to decide to ask her to be your wife, but actually is more difficult to try to figure out what type of ring you should buy her, because she will wear it for the rest of her life. There are different types of diamond engagement rings London, and for being sure that you buy the right one, you have to know her tastes.

Spy on her style

You might have decided to ask her to be your wife, but if you do not have a clear idea about the type of ring she would like, you have to wait and pay attention to details. You can ask for help for one of her friends or family members, or you can take a look through the type of jewellery she wears, and you will definitely get a hint. You have to see if she is the silver/platinum type of girl, or she likes classic gold pieces. Some women gravitate to vintage rings, and you might not even have an idea about what a vintage jewellery looks like. Watch her carefully for a couple of weeks, and take notes of every of her accessories. Also, the trend nowadays is to ring-shop together, if you are not a traditionalist couple.

Shape and colour

The ring is all about colour and shape of the stone. Therefore, after you noticed what type of jewelleries she wears, you should take a look at the rings listed by online stores and see if you could find something similar to the ones she already has, but more special and beautiful than them. Do not forget that the engagement ring should keep the same line as the ones she has, but should not look the same with one of them. It has to be the most amazing one, from her entire collection. When it comes to the shape, you can choose a geometrical one, and go for a simple design on the ring, or you can choose a combination between multiple shapes and stones and combine them with a sophisticated ring. The colour of both the ring and stone are also very important, because it might look amazing as a whole, but women pay attention to details, and you have to be sure that she will love every little aspect of it. Therefore, in case you choose to go with gold you should know that there are different colours of gold, so you will definitely find the one, which she likes. In case she does not like gold, you have the possibility to choose other type of metal, because nowadays on the market rings are made from different metals. In addition, there is a great variety of stones and they come in many colours, so you have to choose your girlfriend’s favourite.

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