Ideal aesthetics are more than just designer, trendy clothes, hair and makeup playing an equally important role in your appearance. If you wish to maintain your image as fashionable as possible, the way you choose to style your hair can matter more than you might initially believe. Curling or straightening your hair might be your preferred two options, being easy and convenient, but if you want to benefit from an appearance that stands out, you should make the time to try out some less conventional hairstyles from time to time. The following ideas are perfect for fashionistas with a keen eye for aesthetics:

Romantic hairdos with a touch of ribbon

For a more elegant attire, such as a flowery sundress, you should style your hair in a more romantic manner by using unique hair accessories. An option you might not have considered until now would be ribbon. A small, colourful strap of ribbon, either grosgrain or satin, can beautify a wide range of classic hairdos. From the common ponytail to a ballerina bun or braids, use a hair bow grosgrain ribbon instead of your usual tie, and the results will be eye-catching.

Braided details

Braiding a few strands of your hair in original ways will be the finishing touch you need for a look that draws immediate interest. Nowadays you have virtually endless tutorials on a wide range of braid styles, so why not use them to give some chic vibes to your appearance? Two options would be braided bangs and messy double braids, perfect for summer looks, when you want to keep your long hair out of your face.

Natural waves

Wash your hair and let it dry out naturally, braid it and keep the braids overnight and you’ll end up with some gorgeous natural waves that will beautiful your overall appearance. If you want to go for those beach wave curls, you can use a hairspray product that contains sea salt. You’ll love the results.

If you want to take your personal style one level further, and to maintain an appealing image regardless of occasion, the way you style our hair is highly important. You shouldn’t stick t classic, dull choices, but try out something different from time to time, and the ideas suggested here can help you obtain the desired results. Just try them out for yourself, and you might just love how great these hairdos will compliment your outfits.

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