Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s what they say, but in many cases, you cannot simply choose whatever diamond you find first. In order to enjoy a classy and exquisite product, you must make sure that you pick one of the most valuable rings out there. McQuire Diamonds are a great option. They offer handmade products, which clients seem to enjoy. However, keep reading below if you want to make sure that you pick the perfect engagement ring for your spouse.

1. Pay attention to the manufacturer

When it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring, it all lays into the manufacturer that produces the product. Handmade jewellery is some of the best products which you can find on the market, so make sure to find this type of manufacturers. They oftentimes have better designs and a higher quality than those mass-produced. Also, the designs these products have are truly superior to those mass produced, so it is no wonder you should first consider a handmade manufacturer.

2. Research de design your other half is interested in

If you simply cannot discuss with your spouse what type of engagement ring you should purchase, then you must sneak around and investigate what might please them most. Sneak around in their bookmarks they have saved on the browser. You may be surprised, but many apply this tactic when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring. If the engagement is no surprise, then you could discuss your options with your partner and search for an engagement ring together. Search for an online store, since you can find a wide variety of manufacturers. Pick only handmade jewellery since it seems to provide better quality than mass-produced ones.

3. Shape matters

Take into account the 4Cs, and only afterwards to consider the shape that your loved one is craving for. This aspect counts the most when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring, as many found out only afterwards.

4. Take into account the metal

When it comes to the ring’s band, you have plenty of alternatives. A choice with increasing popularity is platinum, which is extremely durable. There is also the gold alternative, and it comes in various colours, so regardless of the style you prefer, you will find the one for you. There is white gold, yellow and rose gold, which looks also amazing for an engagement ring. However, you should, once again, take into account your partner’s preferences.

5. Adjust your budget

Spending a fortune on your engagement ring may not be the perfect alternative that you have, but you also must set a realistic budget. You won’t find a diamond engagement ring around £ 100, so take into account this. Somewhere around £ 1,700, may be the lowest that you can get. Thus, adjust your budget before popping the question.

These are some simple rules you can follow if you want to find an amazing engagement ring. Research your partner’s preferences and you should be just fine in the end.


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