The big day has arrived. Up until this moment, you have taken care of all those little details, which means that it is time for you. Now, you have to pamper yourself and a top Ottawa salon is just the place to do so. These days, brides are spoiled rotten in such establishments. Perhaps you might want to know what exactly you are offered if you should decide to spend a few hours before the big event at such an establishment. Here is what you should know about the perfect wedding day at the salon.

Getting a facial to relax

Before applying the make-up, brides say yeas to a facial. Apparently, they find this massage to be highly relaxing. If you do find that salon that has a dedicated staff, you should have no problems unwinding yourself through a facial. Also, using the right oils and crèmes, a facial can really soften your skin, which is exactly what you need before the make-up is applied. Your skin will look amazing for your big day and the makeup will last longer.


The right make-up and hair

When going to the salon to prepare for the big day, you will be offered a different make-up session than what you might normally get. Bridal make-ups are different by nature. These have to be properly realized so that any bride will look spectacular at the party, as well as in pictures. As for the hair, this too has to be special. Some brides prefer simple curls, while other want more complicated hairdos. If you trust the hairstylist then you could leave it up to him or her to decide which option suits your needs best. The hairstylist should tell you whether a natural look might be more appropriate than a complicated hair bun.


The mani-pedi session

This is definitely a necessary treatment for all brides. Having your nails done is a wedding must. Everyone knows this and all soon to be brides will certainly book appointments for a mani-pedi session. It is advisable to keep things simple, at least as far as your manicure is concerned. The dress, the hair and make-up will most likely be glamorous enough, so you will shine in your big day.


Getting ready for the big day at the salon is definitely a must, something all brides must do, whether they like it or not. Surely, if you do manage to locate that trustworthy, professional salon, the entire experience will be pleasant and relaxing.

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