The irony is almost painful – we spend the entirety of our childhoods wanting to look older, only to then spend the rest of our lives hoping and praying we’ll be able to cling onto our youths. It’s the classic case of the grass always being green on the other side, but one of the many benefits of being a woman is the way in which there are thousands of products and preparations available to help fight back against Mother Nature.

We may not exactly be able to turn back the clock, but we can at least hide our true age…if we so wish.

Unfortunately however, there are certain common styling strategies and techniques which never fail to do quite the opposite. Rather than helping achieve a youthful and radiant look, those falling foul of said mistakes look considerably older than they already are. According to the experts in women’s fashion, there’s a very fine line between the makeup tips and tricks that can make you look younger, and those that will age you prematurely.

So for those more interested in preserving their youthful looks and beauty for as long as possible, here is a quick rundown of just a few of the most common mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1 – Foundation Fail

First up, perhaps the biggest and most common mistake of all made by so many women is that of getting well and truly carried away with the foundation. On the surface, it simply seems logical and sensible to pack on as much foundation as necessary to completely cover every fine line and blemish visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, once you cross a certain line with the amount of foundation you use, it only ends up making blemishes and fine lines look even more exaggerated. And just as soon as it becomes obvious you’re trying as hard as possible to cover things up, the whole look you create suffers…big time!

2 – Plucking Problems

Another area in which there’s a very fine line between getting it right on going completely over the top is in the eyebrow department. Quite simply the thinner your brows are, either by your own doing or otherwise, the more perceived age is added. As such, to pluck your eyebrows to such an extent that you end up with a little more than a pencil-thin line in a rakish shape is to give the impression that you are considerably older than you already are. If you don’t happen to be blessed with full brows, invest in a decent pencil or powder.

3 – Concealer Caking

Used sparingly and appropriately, concealer is the kind of secret weapon that is almost impossible to get by without. Unfortunately, it’s a very similar story to foundation wherein overuse and clear overuse in problem areas has a tendency to add perceived age, rather than improving overall appearance. And while on the subject, you might want to think about investing in a number of different concealers to be put to use for different reasons and in different areas – a single colour will not suit everything and everywhere.

4 – Over-Powdering

The problem with applying too much powder to the face is the way in which while it can most certainly help even out your complexion, it can completely blur your face’s dimensions. Sure, your skin looks even, but it loses its shape and definition. This therefore once again works against the cause for those looking to create a youthful look, so it’s a good idea to apply powder sparingly and avoid the temptation to keep slapping more of the stuff on at every available opportunity.

5 – Dark Matte Lips

One of the most effective ways of instantly making yourself look older then you actually are is to colour your lips in a dark matte hue of any kind. This of course isn’t necessarily to say that the only youthful option available to you is the shiniest bright red lipstick on the face of the earth, but at the same time you should at least consider looking toward a happy medium.

6 – Passing Up the Primer

Last but not least, if you’re one of the millions of women for whom primer represents something of an optional, skippable element in the daily beautification process, this is a habit you might want to break. Without primer, the make up you apply to your face we’ll make your pores look larger, your skin look dryer and your blemishes look more pronounced than they actually are.  And suffice to say, none of these are particularly good things – especially when they are so easy to avoid!


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