Over the last couple of year teenage Asian hairstyles have become very popular among American teenagers. When people think of Asian hair they see straight black hair, long or short, so people who wish to achieve an Asian hairstyle will also find themselves looking for the best flat iron. What people do not know is the fact that while many Asians look like this they also have curly and wavy hairstyles. The majority of Asian men and women have black hair but there are some Asian countries where it is not unusual to see blondes or redheads. Asian hair color ideas 2013 brings also include bright colors and dual tone hair. There are some hairstyles that are trendy and are considered timeless in the Asian culture.

  • Hairstyles with Bangs

There are a lot of Asian hairstyles which have bangs and you can see them mostly in magazines or on TV. Hair color ideas 2013 stylists promote for hairstyles with bangs are daring and involve dying your fringe and hair different colors. No matter how long you have your hair you can find the hairstyle that has bangs and that will look good on you. The look with bangs is very modern in Asia. Korea and China. In order for a bangs hairstyle to look good, you will need the best flat iron. Even if your hair is naturally straight, a flat iron will help you achieve a glossier and trendier look.

If you have short hair you can style it by adding side swept bangs. This types of bangs will soften your entire look. Super short haircuts look amazing on Asian girls because most of them have black, straight hair which allows them to style it in a large variety of ways. Bangs are great additions to super short haircuts because they frame your face, and you can also opt for asymmetrical bangs, which are very modern and popular and go well with current trends. For those who have medium bog hairstyle, the bangs can be asymmetrical. This hairstyle is very modern and versatile which means that you can wear it to any occasion. Last but not least the ones who have long hair need to have thick bangs if they want to look modern and shtick.

  • Ponytail, Bun and Wraparound Hairstyles

The ponytail is very popular in Philippine. Here you are going to see a lot of women, especially moms and business women, who pull their hair in a ponytail and style it using an accessory. Most of them have medium length hair because it is very easy to style and take care of.

If you want to style your bun or ponytail you can do it using a hair stick. They will give a very Asian look and people will think that you have chop stick in your hair. In Asia, you will see a lot of students using a pen instead of a stick to hold their hair in one place.

  • Braided Hairstyles

If you are looking for an Asia braided hairstyle you will not find a lot of options because they usually separate their hair into two and start braiding each side like pigtails.

These are the most popular teenage Asian hairstyles that you will find in the Asian modern culture. If you want to look like an Asian girl, all you have to do is look in a magazine or online.

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