Weddings are amazing events. They are special because of their story. They are special because they represent the love between two people. However, as idyllic as everything might sound, weddings are far from being simple to organise. If you take hold of the planning all by yourself, your stress levels might reach an impressively high level. Most people ask for the help of specialists as they know exactly what needs to be done. This way, the planning of their most important life event will be quickly and successfully completed. However, if you do not want to lose touch with your event and if you want to make it a bit more personal, then here are three ideas you could easily put into practice.

The personalised wedding ribbon


This is the kind of detail that contrary to its size has quite the power. You will be surprised of what a personalised wedding ribbon can do. You can use it to tie the favours, which will be then offered to your guests. Doing so, you have secured a place in the memory of your friends and family. Combined with great favours, you can be sure that your event will be a success and your guests will remember it for many years to come.


Don’t forget about photos!


There is no doubt that you will be taking photos of your event, but have you thought what kind of photos? There are the classic, traditional ones, which are not amazing and which are actually taken for the couple. Then, there are the group photos with most of your guests, which in the opinion of many are quite ordinary. But here’s a thought! How about making individual photos with your guests, which you can offer when the event is finished? Personalized photos are the best!


Lovely favours


There is one thing you can really put all your effort in and know for a fact that it will end up in the guest’s house. That is the wedding favour. While most people might be inclined to think of traditional gifts, that do not speak that much about their love story, you could do the opposite. You could actually offer your guests something you hold dear to your heart. Make a personalised card for them, saying how much you appreciate that they decided to celebrate your event. Or offer flower seeds. Think of your favourite flower and offer guests its seeds. This way, your guests will be able to plant the flower in their yard.

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