Christmas is the time for giving and receiving presents, but it is also the time to dress up and lay the table, expecting your guests. During this time of the year, you spend time with your family and friends and get creative decorating the home and tree. But what you should also do is get creative about your outfits. Keep in mind winter fashion trends and our advice as well:    

Buy yourself cozy and fashionable garments

Being stylish is very important during winter, but being healthy should be your priority. So the moment you decide to go shopping, remember that you need to purchase practical pieces that combine fashion and comfort. Fortunately, there are certain items everybody is wearing, that will not only make you look fashionable, but will also keep you warm.

  • The camel coat. A good coat will help you stay warm this winter, but the camel coat will also give you the ultimate fashion blogger look. It is extremely versatile and you can really wear it with anything, from laid back jeans to night gowns.
  • Fluffy sweaters. Regardless the pattern, color or fabric, cozy sweaters are a real saver for winter. This season, you can find them in bright hues such as orange, electric yellow and of course, green, as well as earthy tones. Furthermore, the traditional Christmas sweaters with snowflakes or reindeers are a must for your holiday wardrobe.    
  • Leather pants. As stylish as these may be, no one will recommend them for summer. However, as soon as temperatures start to drop, a good pair of leather pants are exactly what you need. Fashionable, sexy and comfortable, these are the ideal piece for winter.
  • Latex skirt. A little latex never killed nobody! Although this may sound a bit too much for you, rest assured that in the right combination, a latex piece will add just a bit of sass and spice to any outfit.

Wear themed clothes

It is well known that green and red are the main colors people are wearing for Christmas. And as much as you appreciate originality, it is impossible to say no to a holiday inspired sweater or a beautiful cozy cardigan. Stay comfy and allow the Christmas spirit to take over your wardrobe with some of the most traditional pieces. Your family pictures will look even better if you all wear matching winter sweaters! Santa clause, elves, Christmas trees and reindeers are just some of the elements that can embellish traditional clothes.

Get ready for New Year’s

Last but not least, you need to start thinking in advance about your New Year’s outfit. Regardless of the location where you are going to be, you have to look stunning and receive 2018 wearing your best attire. Most of the times, a glamorous gown or little black dress will do, but only if the location is appropriate. If you are spending the evening with your friends at home or in a mountains’ chalet, then go for something simpler yet chic. Some sequins and bold accessories will save the situation, even if your outfit is rather comfortable.

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