If you decide to move to India or if you just plan to stay there a longer period, you should know a few things about the Indian clothing. For example, those who have been there before say that wearing these tradional clothes helped them become part of the Indian world. Here is a list of some interesting recommendations.


The Saree which is also known as “Sari” is a common choice for women. It is popular for its spectacular colors and patterns which are regarded as a result of local culture, religion and tradition. It is worn in both urban and rural areas. The most interesting part is that the garment ranges from four to nine meters in length, a thing which makes it difficult to wear sometimes. On the other hand, if you plan to buy such item, you should check the area where you are about to travel or live because the sarees can look different.

Tip for those who want to wear a Saree: Be careful to match it with the shoes. Due to the fact that in some days the temperatures can be very high, maybe a good idea is to go for sandals. Another important aspect is that you should choose wisely your fabrics. If you are rather chubby, maybe a good idea is to opt for chiffon or georgette sarees. What is more, be careful to cover your legs.

Salwar Kameez

Usually, this type of women clothing is worn in the Northern parts of this country, such as Punjab.  Even if it looks like a dress on the outside, it includes wearing a pair of loose trousers. But, pay attention to the fact that these trousers are narrow at the ankles. The tunic covers the trousers and the women prefer choosing bright colors such as pink or blue. The outfit is not complete without a scarf which is known as “dupatta”.

Tip for those who want to wear a Salwar Kameez. Take a look at the Bollywood actresses! They definitely know how to wear a Salwar Kameez. Also, this type of Indian clothing is a popular choice for teenagers.

Lehenga Choli

It is a regarded as a traditional dress which is worn in the Northern part of India. More precisely, lehenga choli is an outfit which is composed of two parts: a skirt and a blouse. The skirt is embroidered with different traditional motifs, whereas, the blouse has short sleeves and it is fit with the body of the women who wears it.

Tip for those who want to wear a Lehenga Choli. The best idea is to include in your wardrobe many types of lehenga cholis. For example, these outfits are a proper choice for festivals, marriage ceremonies, local parties and more.


Kurti is a type of item which was a popular choice for many types of women because it is very easy to wear. It includes a long blouse which can be worn with trousers.

Tip for those who want to wear a kurti. The blouse can be shorter. Sometimes it is worn below the waist.





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