Every woman out there wonders what she should keep in her purse. The answer to this question is quite subjective and it depends on the needs of each and every one in particular, but there are items you should never ever leave at home, no matter how heavy your purse became lately. Gracefully getting your women’s leather glasses case out of your bag will let everyone know that you are careful enough with the items you are carrying. Here is a list with things you definitely want to have on you at all times:


  • Charger

One thing that you will surely need at all times no matter where you are going is your phone charger. Either you are going to work or just for a night out, having your charger with you can save you a lot of trouble if your battery dies and no one has enough time to go looking for a charger to borrow. Better be safe than sorry!

  • Cosmetics

Makeup is something a lady never leaves at home. Fixing your lipstick from time to time and adjusting that pimple which keeps coming back is essential for your flawless look. Also, don’t forget to throw a hairbrush in there.

  • Wallet

If this is not obvious enough, you’ll have to make sure your wallet is in your purse at all times. Having your ID there, along with money and credit cards will assure your efficiency out of the house. Forgetting your wallet means you’ll have to go all the way back home and this is why it is recommended to keep it in your purse even at home. You’ll know where to get it when needed.

  • Pens & agenda

Writing down some details for a future project at work or simply sketching something while you eat can be done if you don’t forget to place an agenda and some pens in your purse. It is large enough and those two items will not be an obstacle in your bath. Paper and ink always comes in handy, even if you don’t believe it.

Daily replacements

  • Munchies

If you happen to own a bigger purse, taking a bottle of water and something to munch on with you is recommended. You will never know when you get stuck in traffic or in an endless line and these little details become the saviour of your life. It doesn’t cost you a thing to carry some water and a chocolate around so why not do it?

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