Girls, especially those who are born with a head full of locks, have to deal with some attention from their hair. You and other girls should understand that there are certain things that your locks says about you, that you may not even be aware of. The truth is that your hairstyle says even more about your personality than the dress you are wearing. Not only is it the first thing that people will notice, but it actually reveals who you are. When you meet a person, it will take only a few seconds to form that first impression. Whether it is a high ponytail or a coiffure realized in a hair salon Weybridge, every style gives clues about your personality. So, do you know what the message behind your look is?

Hair colour

It is a common belief that people with red hair are fun. As opposed to other colours that mean something in conjunction with facial, features, red is the only one that truly stands out on its own. Even if you die your precious locks red, the chances are that you are a fun-loving person that dreads getting bored and that has a good sense of humour. Redheads can also be changing in relationships because they the like infatuation stage of love. On the other hand, they can be shy and afraid of rejection. Other women choose neon colours, one of the trendiest style. Just like the coiffure lights up when you enter a room, you light up with enthusiasm and energy.

What kind of impression does your hairstyle give?

Bob. The bob is so flattering that it suits any woman and if you choose this style, then you are outgoing and easy to adapt to situations. Your personality is calm, especially in the most stressful situations.

Bangs. If you have bangs, then the chances are that you have confidence in yourself and you do not waste time on those that feel intimidated by it. The point is that if bangs are your choice, then you are a natural born leader who also has a little bit of a wild side.

Curly hair. Women with curly locks are perceived as generous. Most important, they are the kind of persons that like to do everything and they tend to complete tasks faster than other people. In other words, they have a sort of “fire personality”, with traits including leadership, passion, love, insight, aggression and expressiveness.

Natural look. Women who prefer to keep their lock looking as naturally as possible are generally open and loving persons, but they also have a great amount of patience. You can use your kindness and politeness as weapons to survive in this tough world.

Does shaving thick hair mean you have strong willpower?

Similar to having thick eyebrows, if you have a thick fibre you probably have a lot of energy and are just bursting with willpower. This could also mean that you are stubborn. On the other hand, if you have thin strands, you are delicate and may not fancy extreme sports. Basically you like to conserve your energy. Only you can know if it is true or not.


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