Celebrities are surprising us on a daily basis with their luxurious choices in terms of life and personal style. Actually, they never cease to amaze us with their preferences and body art is no exception. So, if you are searching for some of the most beautiful, original and sometimes even creepy design ideas, you should check out celebs’ tattoos. Of course, you can also visit only-tattoos.com, a dedicated online platform where you will find not only design ideas, but also professional advice ink related. In the meantime, keep on reading this article to find out some of the strangest tattoo choices of celebrities:   

Star Wars tribute

The movie is definitely a milestone not only for cinematography but for our lives as well, and there is one person in particular who wanted to offer it a fair tribute. Zayn Malik has decided to add some new ink to his collection and his choice was really novel. He has now the famous UV light saber that belonged to Jedi Knights tattooed on one of his fingers – the middle finger, actually. What is even more amazing is that the saber glows when exposed to a black light, looking exactly like the ones in the iconic movie. The tattoo piece of art was, of course, designed and created by a reputable artist who is responsible for plenty of celebrity ink work in Hollywood. Getting a light saber was definitely a nerdy move from Zayn, and a way to praise the movie that has made history over the years and has millions of fans all around the world.

Neck ink by David Beckham

One of the strangest tattoos of David Beckham is situated on his neck, showing a beautiful horse head. The sportsman seems to have chosen this rather strange design after spending some time with his children at the Pablo pop-up. This unusual body art adds to David’s complex collection of tattoos – he has more than 40 different tattoos, most of them being dedicated to worshiping his wife and kids. In a recent interview, the football player said each design has an emotional meaning to him, as they are about special people and events in his life, both fortunate and unfortunate. The newest acquisition in terms of ink is a Native American in traditional headdress illustration on his ribs, made after his son Brooklyn got the exact same tattoo on his forearm.  

The camo shark

Yes, you read correctly. There is not one, but two celebrities who have tattooed on their body a shark covered in camouflage pattern. Rihanna is well known for her extravagant choices in terms of clothing and fashion and she has always been very self-confident of her body, in spite of some people’s criticism. Under these circumstances, it is obvious that she is the one who has the camo shark inked on her leg. Apparently, sources say it is based on a stuffed animal she received as a present from Drake, while they were dating. Needless to say, the second person who got the same tattoo is Drake, who chose to have it on his forearm. 


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