Eyebrows have a great power when it comes to changing the aspect of a face. Correctly choosing and maintaining the shape of your eyebrows can be tricky and that’s why better methods are waiting for you to try them. You may have heard about this technique given the fact that is extremely popular these days. What is microblading? It is a technique for micropigmentation the eyebrow area, popping out their shape. The result of this method is as natural as possible and it doesn’t look like a bad tattoo on your face. Microblading means each eyebrow hair will be realised particularly with a slim blade which will result in very fine lines that look identical with your eyebrows’.  Here are some details you might want to know about this procedure:

Why should I use microblading?

There are some reasons why you should opt out for microblading, no matter your age or looks:

  • Reason no. 1: when you no longer can obtain the expected result with the classic procedure of eyebrow shaping (threading, waxing etc.) and doing your eyebrows daily with the help of makeup became tiring and unpleasing
  • Reason no. 2: when you need smaller or bigger correction in the shape of eyebrows, in terms of short, broken eyebrows, uneven or thin eyebrows etc. Microblading can help correcting any kind of gaps that occur in the eyebrow area and can help you regain a balanced look for your face
  • Reason no. 3: time. Saving time is essential in the morning when you have to go to work and your makeup requires waking up one hour earlier just to make sure you look alright. Say goodbye to that and avoid stress by having your eyebrows done and looking flawless immediately after you woke up. Consider permanent makeup too in case time is too precious for you.

How is it done?

You may be wondering how microblading is done from the beginning to the end. You should know it is realised in two separate appointments. Here are the main steps of this procedure:

  • First step: the base step procedure implies a main consultation and esthetical counselling with a specialist. In this first step it will be decided what shape your eyebrows will have, what nuance will be used and how accentuated you want them to be. This is the moment you will ask any kind of question you may be having and the aesthetician will answer them. Ask about sterilisation issues and the safety of the procedure. Once you’ve done that, the procedure can start. First things first, a simulation by drawing will be done on your face. If you are pleased with the way it looks, the procedure can start.
  • Second step: after the first appointment, your eyebrows will need accentuation of colour and shape defining. This is where small imperfections are being corrected for the greatest result possible. Here you will be noticed about possible side effects and ways to take care of the area the next several days.

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